"Life Through Quilts" Trunk Show

Peggy will present a trunk show of her quilts along with the stories of life happening around them. From her first hand quilted quilt with those big “double thread” stitches to her award winning appliqué quilts, this is a humorous and heart warming look at how quilting plays a big part in our lives. 

History of Signature Quilts

Friendship and camaraderie are a large part of quilt making. Learn how those relationships in the early years lead quilters to sign their names and document their signatures in history. 45 minute lecture with antique signature quilts to share. Audience is encouraged to share their signature quilts. 

The Story of the Murder Quilt

A small, rural town in Oregon was the setting of a murder in 1915. Learn about the love triangle that led up to the murder and the quilt that was created.