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Meet Peggy Gelbrich

I started quilting in the mid 70's. Loving all types of needlework and crafts I kept coming back to quiltmaking. From that point on I've been making quilts. I love the creative aspect of quilting and especially love giving a gift of a quilt I made.

I love teaching people how to make quilts. I love hanging out with quilters and sharing new patterns and ideas. It's the camaraderie with the quilters that makes teaching so special. It's a joy to be able to teach across the United States. For me it's not a hobby, it's my passion. I love all types of quilting but traditional quilts are my favorite, preferring machine piecing, hand quilting, needle-turn appliqué and crazy quilting. Antique quilts make my heart sing. I have great appreciation for the person who spent hours making that quilt without good light and a rotary cutter.

The challenge of figuring out how to make a complicated looking pattern easier is great fun and especially when I can share that technique with students. Everyone can make any pattern. It's just that some patterns take a little longer than others.

I started teaching quiltmaking in Ketchikan, Alaska at the Silver Thimble Quilt shop. As with most beginning quilt classes we started with a sampler quilt. At that time we used cardboard templates and scissors. Thinking back it's how our foremothers made quilts and it works. But, thank you to rotary cutters which have made our passion to create quilts easier.

Peggy Gelbrich

My family and I lived in Ketchikan for 22 years and loved it. What special friends are made when you live in a remote location. My quilting friends were my support group in all aspects of life. Early in the 80s a group of us started the Rainy Day Quilts which has grown to 100 members and just put on their 21st annual quilt show. I now live in northwest Oregon in the area where I grew up. I miss Alaska, but it's nice to be home near family.

I've had quilts published in Quilters Newsletter and Fonz and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazines. The quilt I made for my son Travis and his wife Sharon was published in "Rose Sampler Supreme" by Rosemary Mahkan. I've been nominated as Teacher of the Year for the Professional Quilter magaine.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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